Our Team

Emily Buettner, CEO


Emily grew up traveling around the country playing competitive soccer. She recognized the differences in opportunities between her and her teammates who lacked the financial resources to attend college showcases. She believes that her teammates, who were solid players, missed out on recruitment opportunities because they couldn't afford to attend the same college showcases where Emily got recruited.

 Emily has spent time as a software developer, test automation engineer, research developer, and as a product manager. Emily's uses her leadership and technical ability on a daily basis to help grow Plug.  

Vondre Caldwell, CDO


Vondre grew up playing street basketball with his friends. He remembers playing with star athletes who had collegiate potential but never had a platform to showcase their skills to college coaches. Vondre believes that if these players would have had a dedicated platform to represent themselves, they would be playing at the collegiate level or even in the NBA.

Vondre has a degree in Business from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He has spent time as a freelance graphic designer, freelance brand manager, and freelance digital marketing assistant. Vondre has built Plug's brand and works consistently to improve Plug's user experience. 


Sky Clay, CPO


Sky played competitive basketball in the AAU circuit with dreams of playing at the highest level. In his senior year of high school, Sky quit basketball after being discouraged with no recruitment letters from college coaches. It wasn't until Sky went to college when he found out that his high school coach had hidden all of his recruitment letters. Sky believes that athletes need the ability to take the recruitment process into their own hands.

Sky has an extensive background in working with people, specifically training and developing talent. Sky has been a trainer for top companies like Apple and ESPN, where he highlights his innate ability to understand how people learn, how to inspire, and how to motivate